Our approach and commitment towards the client

Most physiotherapists perform insufficient examination and therefore they can’t reveal the cause of the problem. In short and allotted time they only instruct the patient on how to exercise, and leave the responsibility and performance on them.


We do a thorough and relevant examinations of your musculoskeletal system with emphasis on revealing the cause of the problem. After that we proceed according to the statement of other physiotherapists or rehabilitation physicians. We can orient ourselves in human anatomy according to each connection and functional change in the muscles, soft tissues, joints and spine.

We are able to use the knowledge about the so called “muscle chains” which transfer the pain to more distant areas from the area of cause. For example during headaches or migraines, there’s a visible muscle tension in the foot. Tension in the pelvic floor and diaphragm has a connection to sterility etc..

Therefore we judge the dysfunction of the muscles and joints in connection with your problems, we are able to affect the muscle cooperation so that they coordinate relatively fast. We are also personally interested about your troubles and life rhythm, which may be connected to the formation of your primary movement problems. Our goal is to as fast as possible identify the cause of your problem and remove it with your cooperation. The client may leave with a significant relief already after a first therapy.

We will dedicate you our attention during the whole time of the therapy. We choose modern therapeutic techniques and methods so the effect of the therapy would have the best, fast and long-lasting results.


During one therapy we will dedicate you more time, than is usual in other facilities, and thanks to complex approach, the treatment is more effective and thus also shorter.

All of our physiotherapists have university qualification in the physiotherapy study program. We support growth of each of our physiotherapist in further education in the field. We demand that each of them knows how to mobilize the spine, joints, how to use modern therapeutic procedures and diagnostic methods, including the use of ultrasound.

We are the biggest facility of such kind in Czech Republic, and one of the biggest in Europe, who use focused shockwave therapy. You won’t find magnetic therapy by us, and we don’t apply electrotherapy. We see the effect in a more modern approach corresponding with the technical development.

We have a short ordering time, serious and acute cases are ordered to the second work day. We also created a FREE database of exercises guaranteed by our physiotherapists (you can find the czech catalog HERE) and we continuously write articles that are comprehensible by the general public (you can browse them HERE).

Apart from that, you can be served with a free water or tea.


  • When it comes to working hours, we are very flexible compared to bigger rehabilitation centers.
  • We are here for you from early in the morning till late evening hours - for online reservation choose the optimal time for you (green button on this page).
  • Do you have great pain during a weekend or state holiday? We will try to get one of our colleagues to help you.

We believe that you will be satisfied and that you will find definitive solutions for your movement problems.

Physiotherapeutic team at FYZIOklinika