Bc. Barbora Vavroňová - physiotherapist

Cl BaraI’ve graduated from the Biomedical engineering faculty on ČVUT with a bachelor degree. I’d like to continue my education, and gain more experience, so I’d be able to give you the best possible therapy for your difficulties. I’m especially interested in the sports trauma problematics and orthopedy.

I personally like to live actively, and I know that pain can be a huge obstacle to your favourite activity. That’s a part of why it’s such a joy for me, to work with you, and take those obstacles down.

I try to uncover and remove your main cause of pain in my therapy, so you wouldn’t have to fight with the same problem again.

I always think positively, and I’ll be looking forwards to helping you!



(2014 - 2018) Bachelor studies of physiotherapy, Faculty of biomedical engineering on ČVUT in Prague. Bachelor thesis theme: Achillodynia physiotherapy with the use of analysis and diagnosis of run.


  • Kladno Hospital (6 weeks) – bed rehabilitation on wards of orthopedics, neurology, ICU, DAR, pediatrics and outpatient rehabilitation
  • Vráž Spa (4 weeks) – rehabilitations with patients with neurological diagnosis (for ex. Parkinson's, sclerosis) and after-surgery patients (for ex. fractures, hip and knee endoprosthesis)
  • Rehabilitation Hospital Beroun (6 weeks) – ambulant ambulantní rehabilitation of both adults and children (individual physiotherapy, swimming pool group exercise, electrotherapy)
  • Na Košíku Clinic (3 weeks) – bed rehabilitation with long time bedridden patients
  • Kladruby Rehabilitation institute (4 weeks) – rehabilitation at an institute with neurological diagnosis (for ex. paraplegics, patients after spine surgeries) or after orthopedic surgeries
  • Budějovická Rehabilitation (5 weeks) – outpatient rehabilitation of adults
  • IKEM (3 weeks) – bed rehabilitation on the cardiology ward, ICU and resuscitation ward
  • Brandýs nad Orlicí Rehabilitation Institute (3 weeks) – rehabilitations at an institute with patients who struggle with neurological diagnosis, or are after an orthopedic surgery
  • Therap Tilia spol. s. r. o. - Lípa Ambulance (3 weeks) – outpatient rehabilitation of adults (individual physiotherapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy)


  • Sensorimotor stimulation
  • Diagnosis and therapy of functional motion system disorders
  • Diagnosis and therapy by post isometric relaxation
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
  • Exercise based on developmental kinesiology
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Deep pressure massage