MgA. Lenka Kolářová - Yoga lecturer

In my lectures i focus on the energy flow in the body by using Vyniasa Flow Yoga, which means, to align the positions (asanas), movement, breath and already mentioned energy in the body. The lecture is ended with a short meditation.

I believe that yoga lectures are packed with energy for public under my leading. I have a peaceful and positive approach towards exercising and exercisers. In yoga lectures i dynamically change the positions, so you can extensively stretch your muscles and joints. We will increase the heart rate, and at the end of the lecture we will take a rest and relax our bodies. You will feel full of energy after such lecture.

I strongly believe that my approach towards exercising caught your interest.

I look forward to meet you!


  • (1997 - 2002) Masters degree, HAMU Prague, Pedagogy and dance


  • (2014 - till now) Art school, dance teacher
  • (2008 - till now) Prague chamber ballet, State opera Prague, solo ballet, ballet teacher, yoga lecturer for dancers, choreography assistant
  • (2008 - till now) Philosophical faculty UK - physical education teacher (Tai-chi)
  • (2000 - 2004) Prague chamber ballet, State opera Prague, solo ballet


  • Certificate for teaching children’s yoga
  • Certificate qualification: Masseur for sports and conditional massage
  • Certificate - massage with lava stones