Mgr. Iva Bílková - leading physiotherapist

Fyzioterapeut Mgr. Iva BílkováI obtained Masters degree in Physiotherapy on FTVS UK in Prague. Among my lecturers were for example Doc. Dr. Pavel Kolář, Ph.D., Doc. MUDr. František Véle, CSc., Prof. MUDr., Václav Vojta and Prof. MUDr. Karel Lewitt, DrSc., who belong to the founders of the so called „Prague school” of musculoskeletal medicine.

Thanks to the prestigious university, which i absolved, and prominent lecturers from which I had the chance to learn, I can offer you an effective therapy for treating your problems without the aid of pharmacological or surgical treatment. In the treatment session I focus on revealing the seemingly unrelated causes of your complications. With modern and verified techniques i can help your from back pain, headaches, joint pain, but also menstrual problems. I continually deepen and extend my education and knowledge.

I firmly believe that my approach towards physiotherapy caught your interest.

We are looking forward to help you!

I own valid certificate for performing medical profession without professional supervision
(tzv. REGISTRACE) according to the credit system (according to law 96/2004Sb. as amended vyhl.č.4/2010Sb.)


  • (1999 - 2001) Masters studies, Charles University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, program physiotherapy. Dissertation theme: Therapy of scoliosis and usage of concept according to Dr. Brügger. State exam from: Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Theory of functional disorders of motor skills, Diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders, all achieved with honors.
  • (1996-1999) Bachelor studies, Charles University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, program physiotherapy. Bachelor thesis theme: Vertebroalgic syndrome of lumbosacral spine with blockage in thoracolumbar transition. State exam from: Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology and Pathological physiology, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Special pedagogics, Treating physical education, all achieved with honors.


  • (since 2004) Physiotherapeutic care center FYZIOklinika, Prague. Private physiotherapeutic practice, publishing activity in order to popularize physiotherapy focused on complications of the musculoskeletal system of children, written in a comprehensible form for parents, so it would inspire them to increase the care quality for their children. Leading exercises for parents and children in the age between 1 - 3 years, and exercise for pregnant mothers. Experience in lecturing activity.
  • (2003 - 2011) Private rehabilitation facility, Prague. Experience with adults/children on ambulant department, orthopedics, surgery, functional disorders of musculoskeletal system.
  • (2002 - 2003) Private rehabilitation clinic, Prague. Experience with children diagnosed with ADHD, incorrect body posture, scoliosis, by adults - vertebroalgic syndrome.
  • (2001 - 2002) Thomayer University Hospital, Prague, pediatric surgery and traumatology departments. Experience with patients with intracerebral injury and polytrauma on Intensive care unit.
  • (1999 - 2001) Experience on Prague hospitals and clinics in orthopedic department, neurology department, plastic surgery and internal medicine for children and adults department.


  • Diagnosis and therapy of post-isometric relaxation, soft and mobilizing techniques of the spine and peripheral joints
  • Activating system of reflexive locomotion (Vojta method), course A, B, C
  • DNS - Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to Kolář, course A, B, C
  • Mechanical diagnosis and therapy according to Dr. McKenzie, course A
  • Concept diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system according to Dr. Brügger
  • Method of Roswitha Brunkow and its use in prevention and therapy of disorders of musculoskeletal system
  • Complexive therapy of pelvic floor and tailbone syndrome
  • Physiotherapy of top athletes, theory and experience
  • Kinesio taping
  • Care for patients after joint replacement
  • Magnet therapy and noninvasive laser therapy
  • Reflexive therapy of foot soles
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Bosu Core
  • Postural correction techniques, exercising on gym balls and unstable surfaces
  • Hippotherapy