Mgr. Veronika Vondráková - physiotherapist

Mgr. Veronika VondrakováI have obtained Masters degree in physiotherapy on FTVS UK in Prague. „Mere” studying after some time ignited a deeper interest about physiotherapy and “appetite” to get to know new things. I still continual supplement my knowledge and skills in order to offer your the best.

During my studies on the masters degree, I simultaneously started to study tutorship of the physical education, within the „life-long education” program on the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. I was drawn to it mainly because I wanted to learn alternative exercising options, such as Yoga, Tai chi, Qigong and Feldenkrais method. I sometimes apply elements from these activities into the physiotherapy.

During the therapy i respect the individuality of each person, and i try to work according to my best conscience. I will be very happy, if I will be able to work with you and make the therapy interesting for you enough, so that you would want to work on yourself, and help your body, so it could function as it should.

Take care of your body with love and start with prevention before something starts to hurt.

We are looking forward to meet you!

I own valid certificate for performing medical profession without professional supervisionI own valid certificate for performing medical profession without professional supervision (REGISTRACE) according to the credit system (legal statute 96/2004Sb. article No 4/2010Sb. as subsequently amended)


  • (2015 - 2017) Studying physical health education within the life-long education program on the FTVS UK, becoming teacher of health physical education
  • (2013 - 2016) Masters studies of physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport on Charles University. Dissertation theme: Sensory integration and experience - literal recherche. General classification of state exam with honors
  • (2010 - 2013) Bachelor studies of physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport on Charles University. Bachelor thesis theme: Casuistry of physiotherapeutic treatment for patient after inner sideways ligament rupture and front crosswise ligament of the knee joint. State exam achieved with honors

Lifelong education of Charles University

  • From 2015: Yoga and yogic therapy (finishing three year long studying program and earning licence A)


  • January 2014 - may 2016: Treatment centrum of musculoskeletal system (CLPA)
  • November 2014 - March 2016: Centrum of Prof. Čech Prague
  • June 2013 - december 2015: Resort Svatá Kateřina by Počátek
  • October 2010 - december 2016: experience in hospital and clinics


  • Diaphragm - deep stabilizing system of the spine with close look on the function and role of the diaphragm
  • Functional dynamic stabilization in context of developmental kinesiology
  • Special kinesiology of musculoskeletal system - differential diagnosis and designed therapy
  • Rib mobilisation according to Ludmila Mojžíšová
  • Complexive therapy of shoulder girdle
  • Viscerovertebral connections and their utilization in clinical practice
  • Vestibular rehabilitation treatment of patients with balance disorders
  • Workshop: Feldenkrais method for beginners and slightly advanced
  • Introducing course of Spiral-dynamics - therapy of lumbar spine
  • Spiral-dynamic course - leg
  • Spinal touch
  • Yoga in rehabilitation
  • Yoga postures and yoga therapy in physiotherapy
  • Ritual of five elements
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Sport and reconditioning massage
  • Massage with lava stones
  • Thai foot massage
  • Reflexology of the legs
  • Acupressure in the system of bodily acupuncture
  • Therapeutic utilization of kinesio tape
  • Complexive therapy of trigger points and global muscle inhibition