Věra Strnadová - receptionist

ClVeraSI absolved medical high school in Karlovy Vary. after finishing my studies i began my working experience in a rehabilitation unit in a hospital Ostrov nad Ohří, from where I later moved to Pilsen, where I continued to work in internal department unit.

Afterwards I had the option to work in other professions, outside the medical field, where I expanded my communication skills, either with customers or when contracting orders, professional setup and lecturing employees and administrative activities connected with leadership in the lecturing center. In relation with this profession I went through educative and professional training with focus on lecturing activity connected to educating adults, and I gained accreditation “Lecturer of the 7th level” in the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

Coexistence of these two seemingly divergent fields, has opened me a completely new way of thinking, it is not a closed industry, it is a part of a bigger system of work and communication with clients.

In the beginning of our mutual cooperation, it will be me who will direct you into the process of your treatment, I will try to help you in solving your problems, and i will be available to you either on the phone or during personal contact.

I am looking forward to meet you!