Professional experience for students of physiotherapy and ERASMUS program

Our center FYZIOklinika provides compulsory experience for the college students in studying program physiotherapy and medicine.
We cooperate with Charles University in Prague (Faculty of physical education and sport and Medical Faculty). Furthermore we have experience with providing the professional experience to students of the Czech Technical University in Prague from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering CTU in Prague. We also have college students from Olomouc, Pilsen etc. and foreign students from the program of the European Union Erasmus.

Students have a chance to verify and extend their knowledge and skills gained during their studies. They basically perform everything in full range as physiotherapists at our clinic, they perform physiotherapy, learn how to work with ultrasound, applying the shockwave therapy and lymphatic drainage and it is mandatory for them to attend care for athletes during weekend competitions. They also write articles for wide public on a specific topic. They can also lead group exercises according to their own ability.

The trainees also have to learn and try out work with medical records, ordering client into the booking system, so that their experience would be as closely similar to the full working process.

We may then choose from the graduates those who show big effort for responsibly led work, great level of knowledge, work commitment, and at the same time interest in the field of their studies. These students in case of mutual interest can receive a working position at our clinic after their studies.

Due to high expectations we recommend professional experience for students of a third year of their bachelor studies, or first year of their masters studies. We don’t make the professional experience available to students who don’t fulfill this requirement.

We demand the knowledge and basic skills from the developmental kinesiology and neurophysiology, and basic knowledge about joint mobilization.
In case of your interest, please contact us.

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