Group exercise

Do you want to stretch after work, relax, charge up with new energy or just meet with your friends and at the same time exercise? Come and visit us, you can choose from wide varieties of group exercises or lectures led by physiotherapists or certified lecturers:

Where do we exercise?

We exercise in a well equipped and a shiny space. For those who want to drink water we offer our clients FREE water and tea, after the exercise you can take a shower in our new showers*.

What to wear?

You will need some workout outfit, you don’t need shoes, by us you will exercise with barefeet - after all we are physiotherapeutic center and we know how important the movement of the joints and feet is to exercise effectively

It is important for us that you would exercise in a healthy manner!

  • The exercise takes place if at least 3 people join in, with at most 8–10 participants. With this approach the physiotherapist or lecturer can be more dedicated to your personal needs and correct your posture if needed for effective exercising.
  • In case there is only 1 person registered for the group exercise, we will contact you, whether you want to use the reserved time for individual physiotherapy (see the prices for physiotherapy, physiotherapy All-inclusive and physiotherapy FOCUS All-inclusive), or if you want to cancel the appointment.

Will you exercise under a supervision of an erudite lecturer oR physiotherapist?

You can read the details, achieved education and experience of our employees in the section “Our therapists”

Inspire us, please!

If you can’t choose from our offer, please send us a request of your favorite exercise, or if you would like to exercise with us but at different time, don’t be afraid to ask us. We will try to deal with every remark we get from our clients.


Lecture 60 min.:

60 min. lecture Cost Cost per 1 lecture You save
1 lecture    200 CZK 200 CZK  
A prepaid card for 10 lectures 1 800 CZK 180 CZK   200 CZK
A prepaid card for 20 lectures 3 000 CZK 150 CZK 1000 CZK


  • Price for a prepaid card can be lowered significantly when you buy ordinary exercise lectures.
  • If you can’t join in the exercise in one of the following weeks, you have the option to replace the hour with a different group exercise of your own choice.

* Additional prices

  • Lending a towel after taking a shower is for a surcharge of 50 CZK.
  • Lending a hairdryer by showing us your ID.