Exercise Fit & Core

Fit & Core is exercise which you may understand as a “conditional exercise”, often also known as a “Circle training”. The exercise is becoming more and more popular form of physical activity. Constantly growing number of followers are being drawn especially by the rich variety. It is a complex, purpose-built and seemingly simple method of exercising, which is performed with the weight of the exerciser or with simple exercising tools and devices. The exercises are going in a followed order and they can be composed into various exercising programs with different focus. Therefore those who want to strengthen their figure will find in it purpose as well as those who just want to work on development of their muscle strength. Training programs are based on comprehensive storage of exercises for strengthening the body with your own weight, but also with simple exercising tools.


These lectures are designed for everyone who is not afraid of physical exertion and a feeling of well done work.

Given the fact, that it is highly flexible strengthening exercise, the circle training is ideal for all categories of exercisers, for beginners, as well as condition and performance athletes. The advantage of this exercise lies in the option of choosing ideal exercises according to the level of the individual. It only depends on the correct preparation of the composition of your own circle training and according to your own abilities.

We choose the level of exertion according to the age, movement abilities, maximal strength, selection of exercises, chosen tempo and according to the goal which we want to achieve. By training for youth or exercises in older age and beginners, we choose exercises that do not involve use of heavy exercising tools, you only exercise with your own weight.

The only condition for exercising is that you do not suffer from any health difficulties. Although, in this case it is possible for you to participate even if you have a specific health restrictions or handicap. But previous consultation with physiotherapist who leads the fit & core exercise is absolutely necessary.


Conditional exercising helps to improve physical fitness and performance, but especially general condition. The circle training is about quick switching of the various strengthening exercises composed in a meaningful order. Within the conditional training you can work with the weight of your own body, or use various balance tools and strengthening devices for individual burdening and advancement of the exercisers. According to their level of physical fitness, and according to what type of strength we want to develop, we have the option of adjusting the number of repeated exercises, size of exertion, taking breaks between each exercise and series and general time of the training.

Exercises which use exercising tools are performed especially for strengthening the muscles with smaller increase of the muscle mass and for the development of the endurance strength.

Gymnastické míče

Exercises that do not involve any exercising tools are just using the weight of the exercising person, and we only constantly switch the tension and relief, which is ideal for learning to sense how the single muscle parts of your body work and general strengthening of your figure.

Strengthening exercises that use only your own weight without any added exertion have a character of cyclic movements, that is when we use only the weight of our own body, but also the momentary strength. Especially group of exercises of the so called balancing exercises, focused as well on stretching and relaxing. The exercises are performed by various speed and tempo, during which we change the direction of the movement and the exercises is multiple times repeated. The technique of these exercises is more difficult than it is by isolated exercising on classic exercising machines in fitness centers.



It is typical for circle training, that it is composed of several types of exercises with various devices, which are during the session changing. The composition of exercises is within the circle training very diverse and it is constantly changing. Therefore you don’t have to worry that it would be stereotypical and monotonous exercising, which you would execute without interest and only because you have to, rather than out of joy. And that is the key, to feel good and fit after working out.


These class bring us the classical form of conditional exercising in a non-traditional and entertaining implementation. The gym in our facility at FYZIOklinika is well equipped which enables us to create ideal condition for exercising and working out, which is diametrically differing from the classical multifunctional exercising machines.


Training according to the composition, chosen difficulty or intervals of burdening and resting are perfectly affecting the endurance strength of the individual. It doesn’t really matter if you are a sport enthusiast, and you want to release your energy and do something for your health, or whether you are professional athlete, who chooses this type of exercising as an addition to your main sport discipline. Are you asking yourself, how is it possible for the exercise to fulfill the purpose for people of varying physical condition? The answer is a rich spectrum of various exercising tools (gym balls, BOSU, Jungle, Flowin, overball and other) and exercising positions, which enable you to adjust the difficulty of the exercise.

But even in these group lectures we do not forget our primary goal which is your health. Exercises are chosen with regards to the functional character, which means that we take into account needs of every individual especially with emphasis on the client’s functioning in daily life.

Even though the fact is that you can involve bigger amount of exercisers, the classes of conditional exercising are held by us in smaller group of people (10 attendants). Exercising with smaller number of people has the advantage, that the lecturer has the option to individually control correctly the technique of the exercises by individual people. So you will have a feeling at the lecture that you really enjoyed it and that you worked out hard.

Lectures are designed also for you, who want to do something for your body and you need help with getting determined to start actively moving.

Exercise with us! You will see that the exercise can be entertaining and not only stereotypical exercising on the exercising machines in gyms. We look forward to see you!


The exercise Fit & Core are led by university educated physiotherapists, who are putting emphasis on the correct body posture and compensation of wrong movement patterns, which you use throughout the day while sitting in front of computer, in car, etc.

The base of the lectures is universal approach to the option choosing the methods and exercising techniques, which the lecturer applies according to the individuality of each person. The lectures will be mainly focused on your health and correct execution of the performed movement and exercise. The building block for leading conditional exercising are for the lecturer rich experiences from physiotherapeutic field and care for professional teams of various sport branches.

We look forward to meet you!

Author: FYZIOklinika s.r.o., Prague