Introduction to Education

Physiotherapist from our center FYZIOklinika really like their job, because it’s about helping others. And they like to share their knowledge and experience with others. They like to advise what to do during health problems, when we feel pain of all kinds in our body, but even more they like to apply preventive measures so the problems would not occur at all. Therefore FYZIOklinika decided to educate the public about health and physiotherapy.

Simultaneously with the education we also arrange very successful course about taping for the public, but also to employees of various companies. We also focus on children by arranging educational excursions for kindergartens and schools, and we also give chance to the students of physiotherapy to gain some experience at our facility within the ERASMUS project of the European Union.

So don’t hesitate and use our services and option to gain knowledge.

You will receive valuable knowledge, about which you don’t know when you might need it.


  • Taping courses for public
  • Health lectures for employees
  • Health lectures for schools and kindergarten
  • Exercising in kindergartens
  • Lecture with pupils of primary school and kindergarten about canistherapy