Exercising in kindergarten

For a big success we also arrange exercising events in kindergartens. It is mainly about health and compensational exercises with children.

Children can during these events try out exercising on gym balls, BOSU and other balance pads. Within the program children will get enough space to use their energy and jump, climb, move around in different kinds of ways. In the end they can try out a massage technique on each other by using a spiky ball, and many more surprises.

Events of this kind are welcomed by children with big joy and enthusiasm, and we really see that it entertains them. What is more beautiful than seeing a happy and carefree child.

Therefore we try to do as much similar events as possible.

In case you are interested, don’t hesitate and contact us!

Cvičení ve školkáchCvičení ve školkáchCvičení ve školkáchCvičení ve školkách


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