Offering educational excursions for schools and kindergartens in FYZIOklinika

edukativní exkurze dětíWe organize events in or center for schools and kindergartens
Educative excursions for closed groups school and preschool children
Rich program based on age category of the children
Events are positively rated by teachers, as well as children and parents


Children can within the program:

  • Directly try out on each other various physiotherapeutic techniques and methods by us at FYZIOklinika.edukativní exkurze dětí
  • They can learn from experienced physiotherapists a lot of new and useful informations about human body, its structure and functioning though various different prepared materials including model of a human skeleton in life size.
  • Getting to know the functions of special devices and techniques used during physiotherapy in FYZIOklinika, among which are: Shockwave therapy, posturomed, taping, and various exercise devices.

It is therefore not a classical lecture, but everything is explained in detail and showed in practice by examples suitable for the age of the kids.

This kind of approach of sharing informations is close to children.

We are able to get their full attention by a method of interactive lectures and give them space to ask in case they don’t understand something.


If you want to attend similar excursion, let us know about your interest.

Please reserve a date in sufficient advance given to restricted time and space capacity.

Conditions of providing the service are for detail on demand by the operating manager of FYZIOklinka (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

edukativní exkurze dětíedukativní exkurze dětíedukativní exkurze dětíedukativní exkurze dětí

edukativní exkurze dětíedukativní exkurze dětíedukativní exkurze dětíedukativní exkurze dětí


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