Health lectures for company employees

We arrange lectures for companies and their employes. We offer you an interesting day full of education and you will also visit our FYZIOklinika, as a company meeting.

Zdravotní přednáška pro zaměstnance


  • The lecture is held in a conference room on a specific topic (for example: how to equip your workplace considering your spine, and how to work on stabilization throughout the whole day behind a desk.
  • The program includes individual consultation on topics such as, how to deal with painful problems of the musculoskeletal system, practical examples, we can also teach you the taping method, showing you balance devices ideal for a working space, into company car, or for home exercising.


We can attend company events, if the number of people is around 200 and more. In case there will be a situation when we will have more events to attend in a month, we will use the companies according to their geographical position. We prefer events organized in Prague or a close surroundings.

In case you are interested, please contact us!


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