Service for athletes

Physiotherapists from our center FYZIOklinika like to share their knowledge with others. We help and advise professional athletes and their coaches what to do in order to avoid health complications, pain of all kinds in the musculoskeletal system, but even more we like to teach about prevention, so that these problems wouldn’t occur at all. Overloading the single muscle groups, which often happens as a result of one-sided movement, can cause whole lot of sports injuries, for this reason we perform complete kinesiological examination, thanks to which we can define the possible risks flowing from the condition of the musculoskeletal system, with regards to the performed activity. Based on the results of this examination, the physiotherapist proposes preventive measures, which lead to lowering the risks of sports injury and at the same time compensate the problems resulted from the one-sided burdening.

Within education we also organize lectures and training for coaches of sport clubs. We compose the program according to our experience with how the movement problems are connected with the specific physical activity, and how to prevent it. Our care is also searched out directly by professional athletes. We offer them individual leading as a prevention or solution for their current problems concerning the musculoskeletal system. We organize educative exercises for sport clubs and smaller groups consisted of younger as well as older members.

All these events are very positively rated by athletes and coaches, and the sport clubs as well. Therefore don’t hesitate and use our offer as well.

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  • Diagnosing athletes
  • Lecturing coaches of sport clubs
  • Exercises for members of sport clubs
  • Individual leading for professional athletes