Diagnosing athletes


Overloading the single muscle groups, which happens as a result of one-sided focused movement, can result in many sport injuries (for example, problems with meniscus, tearing Achilles tendon, injuring peripheral joints or pain within the musculoskeletal system). The goal of complexive kinesiological examination is defining the possible risks, resulting from the condition of the musculoskeletal system, with consideration about the performed activity. Based on the result of the examination, the physiotherapist recommends preventive measures, which lead to lowering the risks of sport injury and at the same time it compensates the current problems.

The content of the examination is:

  • Inspection (examining the general body posture by sight)
  • Palpation (examining the soft tissues by touch)
  • Examination of basic movement patterns
  • Podology examination (examining the feet on podoscope - transversal +longitudinal arch)
  • Examining the mobility of spine and peripheral joints
  • Examining the stability of deep muscles

For who is this ideal?

Complexive kinesiological examination is ideal for everyone, who is regularly engaging in physical activity. Whether it is unorganized recreational athletes or performance athletes, or organized athletes in sport clubs. Examination gives you detailed information about the condition of your musculoskeletal system, therefore it is very ideal as a supplementing examination to medical fitness examination which is mandatory by law for doing certain physical activity. Given the difference of the content determined by law, it is not usually included.

Who gives out medical confirmation?

  • Bc. or Mgr. physiotherapist
  • We give this confirmation by us at FYZIOklinika.


DIAGNOSIS OF YOUNG ATHLETES: (FC Háje, Šeberov, Hostivař, …)

  • 30 min - 427 to 500 Czk
  • 45 min - 580 to 690 Czk


The law states that athletes need to preventively care for their health condition, through decree about medical fitness in physical education and sport, issued by Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic under no. 391/2013 Sb. and is in effect since 1.1.2014.

Content of the medical fitness examination for physical activity is:

  • Family anamnesis
  • Sport anamnesis
  • Analysis of data about current development of health condition of the tested person
  • Physical examination with emphasis on testing the condition and function of organs and systems, which will be burdened with sport or physical education
  • Analysis of data about the performed sport or physical education
  • Detection of basic anthropometry
  • Standard EKG
  • Laboratory and different specialized examination (if the health condition of the client demands it, or the character of the physical activity)

Who has to be examined

Decree no. 391/2013 Sb. orders, that every organized athlete, that means, “performance athlete” and professional athlete, has to undergo entry and periodical health examination, whose goal is to detect whether the individual is competent for the physical activity.

Who gives medical confirmation?

  • Provider of medical service in the field of general medicine
  • Provider in the field of practical medicine for children and adolescents
  • Provider of health services in the field of physically educative medicine

This type of confirmation is NOT issued by us at FYZIOklinika