Exercising for members of sport clubs

We organize EDUCATIVE EXERCISES for sport clubs in our center as well as for closed groups of younger or older members, alternatively older categories.
Rich program is composed according to age of the children.
The events are positively rated by coaches, children as well as their parents.


Within the program you will:

    Edukativní cvičení
  • Coaches can choose different types of exercises for their children, which will compensate or supplement the training activity.
  • We offer exercising on BOSU for the smallest children, as well as sensory motor lane, playful exercises for correct body posture, increased skills, range and coordination of movement. For older children and older groups we offer exercising on BOSU, functional circle training, yoga or pilates for shortened muscle groups.
  • Lectures are led by experienced physiotherapists with knowledge about deep stabilizing system.
  • Children will learn many new and useful informations and things about body posture, its structure and functions.
  • We recommend to go through the exercise at least 1x a week during the winter for example. Regularity has a better effect on health condition of children.

It is not just about simple exercising, but every exercise is focused on prevention against injuries from overload, or prevention against disorders of the musculoskeletal system and spine.

Every exercise is explain in detail, and graphically showed in a form appropriate for children. Alternatively physiotherapist will correct the child on the spot.

Children have usually close to this kind of approach or sharing knowledge.


If you want your children to participate in regular or just one exercises sessions, let us know.

Please pick a date in a sufficient advance, given to the restricted capacity, time and space.

Conditions for providing the service are available by asking the operating manager of FYZIOklinika (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Edukativní cvičeníEdukativní cvičeníEdukativní cvičeníEdukativní cvičení


Edukativní cvičení

 edukativní exkurze dětíedukativní exkurze dětíEdukativní cvičení



  • Educational program “training coaches of sport clubs” focused on exercising with activation of deep stabilizing system. Which is important for prevention against injury from overload and formation of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system.


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