Offer for our partners

The more services you will use and prepay by us, the lower the price will be for a single visit. Your employees will always have cheaper service, than if they would have to pay it individually.

Therefore don’t hesitate and use the option to include our services into the motivational program for employees in your company.


  • Subscribe to us to get a voucher for our services according to your wish (for example 400 Czk for a voucher). You can then hand out the vouchers to your employees. The employee will then pay the rest for the service which he will choose.
  • If your employees have earmarked specific amount of money for cafeteria plan (or FKSP), we will propose to each of your employee individual mix of services according to their needs. Based on the decision of the employee to use the cafeteria plan in FYZIOklinika, you just need to send us your order, payment will be provided with invoice.
  • Get for your employees prepaid cards for a specific number of services, or one-year long season ticket with defined number of available services in a month. Popular variations are listed in our price-list with already counted in discount.
  • Use our prepaid cards and gift certificates as a rewards for your company’s anniversary, or as a gift for christmas.
  • Get a contract with us for a number of subscriptions for physiotherapeutic rehabilitation services. Hours of therapy can be used by the employees, after proving themselves with a work card, to a specified amount of hours in a month.
  • Alternatively you can ask us to prepare individual offer given your the specific work character of your employees! Therefore your employees can also participate on the agreed price, and the additional payment invoice can be sent to your company.

On request we provide also ergonomic consultancy for office workers (how to sit correctly in front of a computer, sources of light, ideal tilt and height of the work tables, chairs, re-education of movement stereotypes, ergonomy, instructions for home exercising).

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