Individual canistherapy at clients home

You can’t move that well, or person close to you which you take care of? Would it be easier for you if we would visit you, instead of you travelling to us?

NEWLY we offer service at clients home with assistance of a canistherapeutic dog. Canistherapist can with his dog activate thinking, memory, communication, learning, (speaking speech, nonverbal manifestations etc.), but also motorics (walking, arm movement ,hands and fingers). These activities help to increase the quality of life of the client through therapeutic, relaxing and educative advantages of contact between human and dog.


Activities with the assistance of canistherapeutic dog / activity with with small rodents: Hamsters, mice.

  • Exercising soft motor skills (petting, throwing objects, putting on and off dog collar or harness)
  • Exercising rough motor skills (walking the dog, overcoming obstacles with dog, stepping over the dog, and much more)

The goal of the visits are determined generally, and it is determined by the canistherapist in cooperation with the tender/carer. The content is rather spontane and it flows out of the needs of every client.


  • Dog has a positive effect on human health (some dogs are able to be empathetic and transfer their positive energy to them).
  • Dog in bed by laying clients (elder people can be dragged out of lethargy).
  • Emotional contact stimulation during activity with a dog (brushing, petting,..).