We offer you a complex and professional treatment of the musculoskeletal system with determining the diagnosis and a short-term as well as long-term treatment plan.

In therapy we deal with adults, children and also infants.



Reserve a therapy

  • You don’t need a prescription or recommendation from doctor. We perform our own diagnosis. Arrange the ideal date for yourself (through phone or online).
  • We offer short bookings, in time which suits you best.
  • We devote ourselves to you in time settled in advance (you don’t have to wait at all, or just for a short time).
  • Do you want to change the time of the visit? Please excuse yourself at least in 24 hours in advance of the reserved time, Thank you!
  • Unexcused therapy is counted as absolved one.

The process of therapy by a physiotherapist

  • Usually it takes 60 minutes, and 45 minutes with children.
  • We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your current health including the function of your internal organs, so that we could choose the best combination of therapies. If you want you can print out the questionnaire at home and bring it already filled - entry questionnaire can be found a page with forms.
  • Physiotherapist will perform a complexive kinesiological examination of your musculoskeletal system, which will reveal the cause of the problems and will immediately start the therapy. You can choose a variant with manual physiotherapy and buy on top of that supportive treatment methods, or you can directly decide for service All-inclusive, in which is involved radial shockwave therapy and application of the kinesio tape.
  • Following therapy sessions are similar with the exception of kinesiological analysis. Therapist controls the short-term effect of the therapy from previous sessions, and devotes the remaining to apply the chosen therapy. In this we differ from a service, which you might be offered by a chiropractor.
  • At the end of the therapy session, you will feel positive, light and pleasantly. It is not an exception that clients leaves us with significant relief after first therapy.
  • We try to do our best to help you, but you will even extend the effect of therapy if you will follow our advices and recommendations.