Combined classical massage with lava stone

For massage with lava stones are used minerals from the basaltic lava. Most frequently used rocks are mined on Hawaii or Canary islands. These stones are unique for their heat capacity, they can keep heat for a long period of time as they slowly release it. 


Therapist warms up the stones in water, in a special pot, which secures consistent heat between 45 to 55 °C. For safety of the client against burns, the therapist has to first take the stone into the hand and then place them on the client. At first the therapist slides the stones on the back of the client as well as other parts of the body, in order to find the heat tolerance of the client against the stones.

Hot stones are used directly during the massage, most often in combination with classical massage or as a warming and relaxing component, before other types of massages.

It is ideal to relax and avoid any bigger physical activity before the massage as well as for the rest of the day (risks of damaged muscles). At the same time we recommend to drink enough fluids given the increased cell metabolism. Sufficient amount of fluids (cca 3 liters per day) it is needed for quality outlet of waste substances from the intracellular space and their outflow from the organism. For this reason we offer our clients cup of herbal or green tea, or just a glass of water according to the wish of the client.


The effect of warmth from the stones leads to widening of the blood capillaries (small vessels) beneath the skin, subcutaneous tissues and muscles, which results in increased blood supply. That leads to outflow of the waste substances from the cell metabolism. At the same time, there is an increase of oxygen ratio, nutrition and energy, and the immunity is being strengthened.

Main effects of the massage are:

  • Physical relaxation - lowered tension in the muscles, joint capsules, lowered muscle spasms and painfulness in the joints
  • Psychological relaxation - lowered nervosity, insomnia, increased resistance against stress
  • Cosmetic effect - positive effect in treatment of cellulite


The are identical with classical massage, diabetic neuropathy.

Author: Mgr. Iva Bílková, FYZIOklinika fyzioterapie s.r.o., Prague