Deep tissue massage


Deep pressure massage uses ancient healing method of the thai massage, which has a long history. Thai massage dates back to approx. 500 years BC, and the founder is often considered to be Jīvaka Komarabhācca who was also known to be a friend of Buddha and a community healer of the buddhist monks.


In hands of our physiotherapist the deep pressure massage is based on the concept of activating invisible energy channels (chakras), and knowledge about human anatomy from the physiotherapeutic point of view.

There are 10 energy channels in the body. They are called “sen lines”, which according to thai people are enough to heal the whole body (including the internal organs). Important pressure point are located on the these lines. We enrich the concept of the thai massage with physiotherapeutic techniques from western Europe. The massage can thus have a long lasting effect.

Deep pressure massage in our original approach is basically unique connection between thai massage and physiotherapeutic techniques.

Deep pressure massage

This type of massage is based on pressing single points of the energy channels in the body, and removing many negative symptoms such as pain, tension, migraines, stiffness in the neck etc… This massage technique supports treatment after injury and post-operational conditions, psychical relaxation, and improves the bloodstream which supports the treatment of the whole body.

Author: Mgr. Iva Bílková FYZIOklinika fyzoterapie s.r.o., Prague
Source: clinical experience from personal work experience from the physiotherapeutic field