Physiotherapy All-inclusive

Combination of physiotherapy and the application of radial shockwave therapy

During this service, we will try to provide you with the best care you can nowadays get for a fast, effective and gentle therapy for your problems.

Why are we so unique?
You will receive unlimited care of the radial shockwave therapy for a stable price.

Our experience with the treatment of the pain or functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system and with the knowledge of anatomy and neurophysiology of the human body has led us to discover a unique combination of physiotherapy and application of the radial shockwave therapy.

This therapeutic procedure was developed and is still being perfected by Mgr. Iva Bílková. Combination of physiotherapy and application of the radial shockwave therapy enables to reach the relieving sensation much faster than is usual in physiotherapy, because we focus directly on the cause of the pain.


  • Our physiotherapists first of all do a diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system, and if it’s needed they may also use the ultrasound.
  • After that manual therapy is performed with professional physiotherapeutic techniques.
  • According to your needs or problems, we use an UNLIMITED AMOUNT during the whole therapy the most modern technologies of the present-day physiotherapy - shockwave therapy.
  • In the end of the therapy, we will tape you up (elastic therapeutic tape that will prolong the effect of the therapy).

The service is provided according to an individual program in a therapeutic room or gym.

When is this kind of treatment ideal?

Do you feel tension in your muscles? Does your lower back hurt? First off, we will relax the contracted muscles by using the radial shockwave therapy and then we will perform a mobilization. This procedure will prevent any further risks of damaging the smaller ligaments during manipulation.

Are you troubled by pain on several places of your body (elbows, shoulders, knees, heels etc…) that you left untreated? After a manual physiotherapeutic relaxation in the affected areas, we will use a special radial handpiece to speed up the curing process of various inflammations, for example “surface” tendons.

Do you have acute pain and need immediate help? In this case we find the All-inclusive Physiotherapy very useful.


What to expect?

  • Relaxation of the contracted muscle parts with radial shockwave therapy, this way we prevent any further damage of the ligaments during manipulation.
  • Speeding up the healing of the inflammation for example: “surface” tendons, by using a special radial handpiece.
  • Relief right after the therapy without using any chemical products.
  • Massaging the surrounding parts with V-Actor technology (against the return of your problems).
  • Functional tape to prolong the therapeutic effect where its needed.

And that’s not all!

  • After the therapy you can try out the exercises you learned during the therapy in our gym.
  • There is also vending machine with filtered water available for your at the reception, or we can serve your with warm tea or coffee.

How does our service differ from competition?

In facilities of our competitors you will find the price for the radial shockwave therapy based on the certain number of applied impulses. For one application you will pay between 500-1200CZK (you will get something between 1000-2000 impulses and just into ONE painful area).

Therefore, the price of the service can get easily above thousands of crowns, whilst you are treated for only few minutes.

During the therapy at FYZIOklinika you can get UNLIMITED number of impulses on various areas! And for this whole package of our service you will get stable and fixed price.

The shockwave therapy is nowadays the most effective physical therapy. At FYZIOklinika we decided to remove the barrier of availability of this method. We don’t want our clients to be afraid to ask for the shockwave therapy anywhere where they feel pain. Our service All-inclusive Physiotherapy allows everyone to have the price of their treatment under control.

Our main goal is to do everything to come up with a diagnosis and treatment of your problem as fast as possible. We want you to be able to return back to the normal life as soon as possible. You don’t have to worry about the price going up - fully concentrate on the therapy. We want to heal you completely, instead of continual healing.

We hope you enjoy your visit at FYZIOklinika!

Range of services included in the price

  • Individual therapy with a university educated physiotherapist
  • Complexive diagnosis of your body (Kinesiological analysis)
  • Diagnosing on the Podoscope
  • Diagnosing on the ultrasound
  • Applications of the Radial Shockwave therapy, including patented vibration massage V-Actor
  • Application of a functional tape (kinesio taping) or firm athletic tape for stabilization of the muscle groups after the therapy
  • Individual manual physiotherapy: Mobilization, Manipulation, Soft techniques of the muscles, skin, ligaments, fascia (sheet of consecutive tissue around the muscles), etc…
  • Exercising according to Brügger, Mckenzie, Mojžíšová, and so on
  • Neurophysical based techniques (Vojta, DNS-Kolář, Brunkow, Acral coactivation therapy Špringrová, Lewit)
  • Sensorimotor exercise in an unstable position: balance tools, Posturomed, BOSU, foam pads, etc....
  • Exercising on the gym ball, exercising on the Flowin mat, exercising with the ProprioMED (also known as Flexi-bar)

**The composition of the therapy is designed by the physiotherapist according to the effectivity of the given movement problem

*The length of the therapy includes time for examination and therapy, but also time for putting your clothes aside and computer registration. (Example: in case of 60 minutes long therapy, the physiotherapy lasts at least ca. 50 minutes.)


Physiotherapy All-Inclusive – Duration of therapy 60 min.:

Number of therapies Price Price for 1 therapy You will save
1  1 770 CZK 1 770 CZK  
3  4 800 CZK 1 600 CZK   510 CZK

Physiotherapy All-Inclusive – Duration of therapy 90 min.:

Number of therapies Price Price for 1 therapy You will save
1  2 660 CZK 2 660 CZK  
3 7 200 CZK 2 400 CZK   780 CZK
Note: Doctors or university educated physiotherapists (bachelor or masters degree) decide about the suitability of the shock wave treatment according to the Czech health law about medical services Act No. 372/2011 in accordance with relevant decrees, before incorporating the shock wave treatment into the treatment process, doctor or physiotherapist will determine the diagnosis and introduce the patient to the post-therapeutic regimen. The effects of the shock wave can differ according to the individual dispositions of the client and the specifics of client’s diagnosis and ability to follow the post-therapeutic regimen. Detailed backgrounds, or medical studies proving healing effects of the shock wave therapy can be reviewed at FYZIOklinika headquarters.