Radial shock wave therapy


“Radial” treatment is diverging in lines from a centre of application thanks to the shock waves.

We use only quality equipment from the biggest and world leading swiss producer of the machines for applying the shock wave therapy STORZ MEDICAL. It is highly effective ESWT technology, which is significantly outmatching products of other producers.

Part of the service is also FREE and deep vibrational massage with patented vibrational handpiece V-Actor.

The service is always applied by an experienced, certified physiotherapist with university education.

Only at FYZIOklinika you will be offered unlimited number of applications with Radial shock wave therapy with one fixed price withing the service Physiotherapy All-inclusive.

You should know that…

  • Length of the therapy is about 10-15 minutes on the treated part.
  • The interval in between the applications depends on duration of the problem - acute condition (fresh injuries) 1-5 days, long term problems 7-10 (14) days
  • The speed of the therapy depends on how damaged are the tissues (fracture, etc…) and the duration of the problems - for acute pain of a lighter character, it’s usually enough to visit us 3 times, with chronic problems or more serious injuries visit us at least 6-10 times

Range of services included in the price*

  • One application = treatment of one segment of the body (for example: shoulder joint, elbow joint, Achilles tendon, lower back, etc…).
  • Usual number of applications on one segment of the body is ranging between 4-16 in span of 3-14 days in between your visit. Number of applications and intervals between single applications is depending on the duration of the problems, ability to of the organism to regenerate, cooperation of the client in therapy, etc...
  • There are around 1000-2000 “waves” applied according to the extension of the treated area.
  • The treated muscle group is in the final phase treated with deep vibrational massage V-Actor.
  • Reserve about 10 - 15 minutes on one application


Treatment by radial shock wave therapy (RST):

  Cost Cost of one therapy You save
Comprehensive diagnosis + first application of RST (45 min.)   1 400 Kč 1 400 Kč  
1 subsequent application of RST   600 Kč 600 Kč  
Package 3 subsequent application of RST 1 650 Kč 550 Kč 150 Kč
Note: Doctors or university educated physiotherapists (bachelor or masters degree) decide about the suitability of the shock wave treatment according to the Czech health law about medical services Act No. 372/2011 in accordance with relevant decrees, before incorporating the shock wave treatment into the treatment process, doctor or physiotherapist will determine the diagnosis and introduce the patient to the post-therapeutic regimen. The effects of the shock wave can differ according to the individual dispositions of the client and the specifics of client’s diagnosis and ability to follow the post-therapeutic regimen. Detailed backgrounds, or medical studies proving healing effects of the shock wave therapy can be reviewed at FYZIOklinika headquarters.