Relaxing massage for pregnant women

Dear mothers, do you feel increasing tension in your back by a baby growing inside your belly? Do you feel pain in your back, or blocked ribs or perhaps you feel that the weight of the baby is pushing on your internal organs? Are you tired from the weight of the baby? Visit us to relieve your body during a relaxing massage.

The massage has a beneficial effect on the blood supply of the muscles and getting rid of the excessive water from the body which is getting stored by pregnant women more than its usual in normal life.

Relaxing massage for pregnant women has a great effect on the baby as well, and you as a future mother will feel very pleasant sensations, you will calm down and relax.


  • The massage is ideal for future mothers after finishing the 1st trimester, that is after 3 months of physiologically continual pregnancy.
  • You can perform the massage every week. And when you are close to the term of the birth you can perform the massage daily in order to relax your back along with your pelvis and the pelvic floor.
  • For massage we use almond oil, which perfectly regenerates your skin, and we also add a drop of clementine oil, which has a positive effect during pregnancy on a physical and mental relaxation.
  • We perform the massage in a very pleasant and relaxed environment with relaxing music.
  • After the massage we offer you the option to get taped. We can tape your back, or your belly which is getting day after day heavier.

Author: Mgr. Iva Bílková, FYZIOklinik fyzioterapie s.r.o., Prague