How to get a FREE treatment by us

Would you like to get a therapy by us? Would you like to offer us your service in exchange for a free therapy? We are open to trading the equivalent of our service for a mutual satisfaction.


  • Do you own a fence on a frequent street or crossroad and you would be willing to place our advertisement on it?
  • Are you a doctor and willing to place our A2 poster on the wall in your waiting room?
  • Do you deliver pizza around Jižní Město in Prague and can add our pamphlet to every box?
  • Are you a taxi driver and willing to place our sticker on your car or give away our business cards?
  • Do you visit a gym and are willing to place our banner into the gym interior or outside?
  • Are you tour guide in Prague and are willing to recommend to your clients our services?
  • Do you own a fitness center, cosmetic salon, wellness studio… and can place our A2 poster on the wall of your reception?
  • Do you work in a bigger company and can place our A2 poster on the wall or give away our pamphlets?
  • Are you a local provider of the internet connection and can place our advertisement on your web pages?
  • Do you have a company and are you willing to propagate FYZIOklinika? We will in return propagate you!

There are many other options… your creativity doesn’t have a boundary.

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Our email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Our phone number: 606 404 804

Or use the contact form below.
We look forward to cooperation with you!

Please don’t hesitate and send us your proposal with what you can offer us. We will answer you, in case we are interested in your proposal. In case we will like your proposal we will evaluate what meaning has your offer for our marketing strategy. We will send you list of our services which we could offer you in return.

Within the offer, we include into calculation for example:

  • region/community, area where you offer us your countervalue (busy crossroad for example in Zlín has no value for us)
  • How many people will be addressed by our banner (for example how many people drive through the crossroad)
  • If we already have some marketing activity in the area among specific community of people
  • Cost of realization of our propagation (production of constructions, banners, pamphlets etc…)


We managed to get a contract with three insurance companies so far:

  • VoZP 201 - Vojenská zdravotní pojišťovna

  • ČPZP 205 - Česká průmyslová zaměstnanecká pojišťovna

  • ZPŠ 209 - Zaměstnanecká pojišťovna Škoda

And we continue to discuss with other insurance companies to satisfy everyone. Our goal is to cooperate with all 7 insurance companies in the Czech republic.
Use our service with a significant discount or completely FREE! How? If you are a policyholder of one of the three insurance companies listed above, you just need to follow three basic steps:

  • Visit your doctor who will write you a prescription to visit physiotherapy.
  • Book yourself on a specific date.
  • Bring the prescription the same day you will visit our facility.

You will receive more information about how you can get a treatment supported by your health insurance, including advices and what to watch out for by us at FYZIOklinika.


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