Our team

So here you have us, our team, where we all work together to take care of all of your needs in the best way possible.


We believe, that all of our success springs from the effort coming from each and every one of our therapists, therefore all of them have to meet our strict requirements.

In our team, we’re mainly looking for professional expertise, the will to constantly educate, pleasant behavior and good communication towards the client, but we also encourage good relations between our colleagues. Positive, happy and friendly environment between all of our colleagues shows in the way we provide the best quality care for you.

It’s very important to us to help you as soon and as effectively as possible. Our sense for the mechanics of the human body is just as important as the fact whether we are content with our jobs or not. At our clinic, you won’t be able to find employees who do their job just out of obligation. We are sure that you will sense the difference in our approach.

We demand university education in Physiotherapy program from all of our physiotherapists. The highest possible degree one can achieve in the Physiotherapy medical program is masters degree (Mgr.). However we seek the most skillful physiotherapists already in the last year of their studies. In such cases, the future physiotherapists don’t yet have the full masters degree, but only bachelor degree (Bc.).

Last but not least, it is our priority to have the most modern equipment in our facility. As well as an extensive and deepening knowledge of our whole team, thanks to various professional courses, seminars etc…

Besides health care, our team constantly provides you with easily understandable articles not only on the theme of physiotherapy, but also on all sorts of health-wise themes. There you can read about possible solutions for your health problems, what to do when you’re injured, and much more.

Now you’re ready to get to know us closer! You can pick a specialist depending on your diagnosis and their ability to work with it, or just choose whoever seems to suit you! They’re all going to do their best to fix your problems.



Bc. Ondřej Vévoda


Bc. Tereza Dvořáková
Physiotherapy, Fit & Core 


Bc. Ondřej Benedikt DiS.
Physiotherapy, Fit & Core


Bc. Aneta Koudelková
Physiotherapy, Fyzio & Core


Bc. Milan Zajíc


Bc. Karla Jandová


Bc. Andrea Kašparová


Bc. Magdalena Juranová


Bc. Markéta Ryšavá


Renáta Hubíková
Physiotherapy, massage


Oksana Volovodyuk
Healing, lymphatic drainage


Lada Málková
Healing, Home care


To deliver you the best possible quality care, we not only need our therapists, but we also need help from our admin workers! For example - our website; it’s the base, and often also the beginning of our communication with you; so we’re trying our best to keep it updated at all times, enriching and expanding it with new content. The next step are the ladies on the receptions, who will gladly help you solve your problems both on the phone, personally, or through emails. We’re also communicating with your insurance companies, and thanks to that you can get various discounts on our services. Next in line is communication with the media, through which we’re trying to inform and educate the general public on diverse health subjects. Another job that the admin team takes on is organisation of sports events for families with children, and continuous creation of new exercise tutorials for your home use.

Would you like to know more about our work? We’re here for you!


Ing. Zdeněk Bílek, MBA


Ing. Petr Krejčí
Operating manager


Bc. Tereza Cicvárková
Graphic arts, marketing


Another part of our team is a canistherapy toy poodle Ňafka, who (if you’d like) is able to help during your therapy. Therapy with a dog can activate not only the mind, memory, communication, learning process (speaking, nonverbal manifestation atc.), but also motoring (walking, arm, finger and hand movement and so on). We’re organising educational excursions on various subjects. Education is provided by a fully schooled canistherapy specialist, along with a pedagogue. The goal can be motivation of the children (for example children with behavioral disorders, speech defects, ADHD or children with mental, physical or combined disability) or enrichment of day to day schooling. We can offer different types of canistherapy to preschools, and nursing or retirement homes.


We regularly host students in our facility, so they can gain their experience. At the same time the students remain in the educational program: which is usually physiotherapy at one of those schools: FTVS UK Prague, Medical Faculty UK Prague, FBMI ČVUT Prague. You will be noticed in advance whether you agree or disagree with the presence of the student on your therapy.
Besides physiotherapy students, we also host 3. and 4. (high school) year students of reconditioning massage, from whom you can get discounted massages.