Ňafinka - Canistherapeutic dog

nafinka2I am a small black female Toy Poodle. I am grateful, friendly, calm with adults and elder people, and in contact with children i can be playful and energetic. Thanks to my coat, which has no underfur and doesn’t moult, i am ideal for allergic people. I don’t have a classic fur, and i get regularly groomed.

In FYZIOklinika I cooperate with leading physiotherapist Iva Bílková, but any of our physiotherapist can work with me as well based on your wish. In FYZIOklinka i help children, who are restless and unsettled during the therapy. Thanks to me, children can be motivated to perform the exercises correctly during therapy, and as a reward they can play with me, or give a treat for listening to your commands.

My presence is ideal with children and adults who have a fear from dogs (cynophobia). Kids don’t have to communicate with me directly on the first physiotherapeutic session. Just the fact that i am tolerated by the child on the therapy is beneficial. When they see that i am kind, maybe they will want to pet me on the 3rd session or throw me a toy. :-)

I will be happy for any contact with you, pet me and play with me.

I am looking forward to meet you!


Based on these tests i can do following:

  • AAA (Animal Assisted Activities) - activity participated by animals (Passive presence of an animal supports positive process of human activity, inducing peace and well-being. Presence of a dog in physiotherapeutic session, aquarium or terrarium on a reception in a hotel, company, etc…)
  • AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) - treatment with aid of animals (the above mentioned work with children, or positioning of lying patients, in speech therapy, psychiatry, … that is when the animal physically helps with the treatment of the patients problems.)
  • AAE (Animal Assisted Education) - education with aid of animals (meeting, educating children and adults about canistherapy, cat therapy, hippotherapy,... simply said animal therapy)


  • Meetings with school kids from elementary school and kindergarten (AAE - educating with the aid of animals)
  • Group and individual canistherapy in retirement home / nursing home (AAT - treatment with aid of animals)
  • Visiting client at home (AAT - treatment with aid of animals)

Diplom Ňafinka