Physio & Yoga

Do you want to exercise in a healthy manner? Stretch after a whole day of sitting at work? Are you troubled by pressure or pain in the spine or joints? Do you want to start working on your body posture? Come and visit us. Our Physio & Yoga exercise will help you to keep correct body posture and you will feel relaxed.


The classes are led by an experienced university educated physiotherapist, who cares about correct execution of single exercises. The physiotherapist chooses exercises which improve your body posture, and at the same time you will still have the option to exercise with exercising tools to activate the deep stabilizing system (also known as Core system) such as Posturomed or Propriomed, Flowin, Jungle or BOSU. We use our knowledge from neurophysiology (controlling the movement programs from the central nervous system - brain and spinal cord) and we also use techniques with neurophysiological basis. You will exercise for example your dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, sensory motor stabilization with unstable tools, and you can also expect to exercise with TheraBand according to Dr. Alois Brügger and many other.

We also incorporated into the lecture exercises from Ludmila Mojžíšová, who originally developed composition of exercises for athletes suffering from back pain but the method was later also used for treating functional sterility by women as well as men.

In the lectures you will also exercise some of the positions (asanas) from yoga, which will stimulate the activity of internal organs and increases the range of spine and joint mobility.

At the end of each lecture we do a relaxation for lowering the mental and physical exertion of the organism.

Come among us and relax while doing something good for yourself!


Physio & Yoga exercises are by us led by university educated physiotherapists, who put emphasis on keeping the correct body posture and compensation of incorrect movement patterns, which you use throughout the day while sitting in front of a computer, in a car, etc.


Before the exercise you will be able to stretch out. You will activate your muscles, which you normally don’t use during the day, but their activity is necessary for a healthy function of the internal organs, joints and spine. The biggest emphasis is put on the activity of the Deep stabilizing system and on the incorrect movement patterns, which only overload or even damage the whole system of the bones, joints and muscles.


  • For people who want to do something for their health

  • For people who feel pain in their musculoskeletal system

  • For people who want to continue after physiotherapeutic treatment by us, some of our clients can exercise FREE OF CHARGE

Come and exercise with us! We are looking forward to see you and your friends.

Author: Mgr. Iva Bílková, FYZIOklinika fyzioterapie s.r.o., Prague