Animal therapy / Canistherapy

Animal therapy belongs among social rehabilitation methods, and with this form of therapy we can co-work with speech therapist, physiotherapist, educationalist, psychologist, psychotherapist, medical personnel etc. It has an influence on the psychological and sociological-integrational part of the person. We also use rodents during the therapy, which can be easily tamed, (mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits) further various reptiles can be used as well as amphibians and fish which are suitable for observation.

Therapy with a dog is called canistherapy. In our physiotherapeutic center we have a canistherapeutic female dog Ňafinka, which helps us. Dog therapist can activate thinking, memory, communication, learning, (verbal speech, non-verbal manifestations, etc..), but also motor skills (walking, movement of the arms, hands and fingers). For schools and kindergartens we organize educative excursions on various topics. Education is secured by a trained dog therapists in cooperation with educationalist. The goal could be motivation for the pupils (for example by children with behavior disorders, speech problems, ADHD, and by children with mental, physical or combined handicap) and to enrich the daily teaching. We also offer further canistherapeutic services for kindergartens for example, retirement homes and nursing home.

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Canisterapeutický pes  Canisterapeutický pes  Canisterapeutický pes


  • Canistherapy - lecture with pupils and children from primary schools and kindergartens
  • Group canistherapy in kindergarten with integrated children
  • Group and individual canistherapy in a retirement home
  • Individual canistherapy by at clients home