Training for coaches of sport clubs

Sport clubs which went through program “Physiotherapeutic diagnosis of physically active youth, we organize in our center COURSES For coaches on the topic DEEP STABILIZING SYSTEM. 
Program is composed according to our own personal experience with how which problems are connected with a specific physical activity and thus prevent it. 
Events are very positively rated by both coaches and owners of the sport clubs.


What can you expect?

Edukativní exkurze
  • Coaches will get to know which muscles are partaking in the deep stabilizing system, how does the system work preventively against formation of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, therefore the deep stabilizing system limits the formation of injuries from overloading.
  • We will talk about many new practical informations and findings about human body, its structure and function, by using a model of human skeleton in a human size.
  • You can try out on each other how to activate the deep stabilizing system, rules how to correctly perform exercises, and how to teach it others.
  • We will teach you basic exercises, but also exercises with exercising tools such as BOSU or other unstable surface, so that you would leave with practical abilities and could apply them in the trainings.
  • In case you are interested, we organize continual lecturing on which we will answer your questions, which came across your minds during the practical part of the lecture. You will learn more exercises, or more advanced variations of the exercises. Your training will be more interesting that way, and it will entertain children and you even more.
Edukativní exkurze

It is not just a classic lecture, but everything is graphically explained and showed through anatomical models, and you can experience it by yourself. 

Coaches will gain valuable knowledge and abilities.

Through a method of interactive lecture we are able to catch your attention and give your space and time for your questions.



  • If you want to join the lecture as well, contact us and tell us what you are interested in.
  • Please pick a date in a sufficient advance, given to the restricted capacity, time and space.

Conditions for providing the service are available by asking the operating manager of FYZIOklinika (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


  • Regular exercising lectures for members of sport clubs

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