Focused shock wave therapy

This method uses the latest high energy level and high intensity focused shock wave therapy. Focused shockwave therapy is converging, which means that unlike the radial shock wave therapy, it is focusing all its emitted energy into an area of size about 2 cm2 (0.8 inches). Thus all its energy is affecting relatively small area in the depth of the body. (More informations about Focused Shock wave therapy - the effects, usage, advantages).

This kind of treatment is ideal especially for treating the joint pain after injuries (during arthrosis) or chronic pain, functional problems connected to the spine function (recurrent pain in the lower back, after broken tailbone), rotator cuff syndrome, frozen shoulder, inflamed tendons, enthesopathy of overloaded ligaments, (tennis elbow and golf elbow, painful groin, patellar tendonitis), sprained knee, inflamed Achilles tendon, biceps tendons, heel spurs, elbow spurs, bunions, speeding up the healing process of fractures, and more… 

The service is always applied by experienced, certified and university educated physiotherapist.

Don’t use old methods

During therapy with movement (orthopedic) problems, we use only top quality machines from a worldwide leading swiss producer of the shock wave machines STORZ MEDICAL.

Our Focused Shock wave therapy is the most modern in the Czech Republic.

Comprehensive conception of the therapy

We are not like others, try out therapy by us, you will be surprised. As physiotherapists we view orthopedic problems in a wide context. We don’t heal just the painful area, but also the cause.

  • For the best possible effect of the therapy we include FREE OF CHARGE application of the radial shock wave therapy with a special handpiece D-Actor.
  • We also include FREE OF CHARGE deep vibrational massage with patented handpiece V-Actor.
  • We also include FREE OF CHARGE application of a functional tape (kinesio tape) or firm athletic tape.

You should know that…

  • The interval between each application is depending on the duration of your problem - acute condition (fresh injury) 1-5 days, long lasting problems 7-10 (14) days.
  • The speed of the therapy depends on the seriousness of the damaged tissues (ankle fracture…) and the duration of the problems - for acute pain of a lighter character it’s usually fine to visit us 1-3 times, when you suffer from chronic problems we recommend 4-7 visits.

Range of services included in the price

  • One application = treatment of one segment of the body (for example: shoulder joint, elbow joint, Achilles tendon, lower back, etc…).
  • There are around 1000 - 2000 “waves” applied by the focused shock wave therapy according to the extension of the damaged tissue.
  • FREE OF CHARGE treatment of the affected area by the radial shock wave therapy.
  • FREE OF CHARGE final relief of the muscle area by patented vibration massage V-Actor.
  • FREE OF CHARGE application of a functional tape (kinesio tape) or firm athletic tape.
  • Reserve about 20-30 minutes on each part where you want to be treated.
  • Usual number of applications on one segment of the body is between 2-9 in range of 3-10 days.


Treatment by focused shock wave therapy (F-ST):

  Price Price for 1 therapy You will save
Comprehensive diagnosis + first aplication (60 min.) 2 200 Kč 2 200 Kč  
1 subsequent aplication F-ST (20 - 30 min.)  1 600 Kč 1 600 Kč  
Package 3 Subsequent Application F-ST 3 900 Kč 1 300 Kč  900 Kč
Note: Doctors or university educated physiotherapists (bachelor or masters degree) decide about the suitability of the shock wave treatment according to the Czech health law about medical services Act No. 372/2011 in accordance with relevant decrees, before incorporating the shock wave treatment into the treatment process, doctor or physiotherapist will determine the diagnosis and introduce the patient to the post-therapeutic regimen. The effects of the shock wave can differ according to the individual dispositions of the client and the specifics of client’s diagnosis and ability to follow the post-therapeutic regimen. Detailed backgrounds, or medical studies proving healing effects of the shock wave therapy can be reviewed at FYZIOklinika headquarters.