We perform Pressotherapy in our facility with the most modern devices. We have 24 chamber leg suit available. Programs and the length of the therapy can be as long as you prefer including the pressure correction of each chamber individually. We provide pressotherapy also in cases, when it’s not possible by certain devices (when the therapy is „contraindicated”). That means that we also offer lymphatic drainage for pregnant women with primary lymphedema, or for clients after complete knee joint replacement (TEP) or hip joint replacement after about 12 days since operation.

What can you expect?

Something extra

  • For increased effect of the therapy we will offer you a drink. Drinking regime should be kept during the therapy. Speeded circulation of the lymph can cause a sense of thirst and lack of water in organism can cause unwanted effects, such as headaches, buzzing in ears, tiredness, dizziness etc.. Please, stay hydrated also during the day. Optimally you should drink at least 3-4 liters of water in the day of the therapy.
  • Part of the chosen prepaid cards (to see offer below) is also entrance to any group exercise from our offer.

Time of the therapy

Each therapy takes about 60 minutes. But it can be extended if the client wishes so.

Part of this service is time to put your clothes aside, writing a record into the card or paying. During 60 minute long therapy count with 50-55 minutes of clear time to perform lymphatic drainage on.

you can draw the time of the therapy in atypical length (30 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes.) according to the time of the prepaid card.

Part of the therapy is also manual opening of lymphatic vessels in the organs areas:

  • On the throat
  • On the nape
  • In the area of ears
  • Below and above collarbones

What to bring with yourself

Please, bring with yourself clothes which you can dress into after the therapy, because of hygienic reasons

  • Cotton pants
  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Cotton socks

In case you forget to bring your own clothes (preferably cotton), you can borrow clothes from us for 60 Czk


Pressotherapy – prices for 60 min. reservation:

  Number of therapies Price Price of 1 therapy You will save
Single therapy 1    300 Kč 300 Kč  
Prepaid card 10 2 800 Kč 280 Kč 200 Kč
Prepaid card for clients of Physiotherapy 10 2 500 Kč 250 Kč 500 Kč