Reflexive massage

Reflexive massage therapy is a thousands of years old treatment method originating from east Asia (specifically from China, Vietnam and India). This ancient technique is built on the so called reflexive points across our whole body. It is based on the reality that each of these areas is connected to other closer or further areas of the body. Therefore by applying special techniques and putting pressure on each of these reflexive points on our body, we can affect local areas but also more distant areas which are connected to these area.

Reflexní masáž


Basis of the reflexive therapy is splitting the human body into 10 vertical and 4 horizontal reflexive zones and determining the reflexive points, and when we press them it usually leads to relief from the pain and even regeneration of the natural and correct functions of the affected organs. These reflexive zones and points represent nerve endings.
We can use reflexive points on the whole body, but we usually use the ones on the soles of our feet. Another frequently used area is our hand, neck, ears, back and pelvis.
Crucial goal of the reflexive therapy is general regeneration of the energy in the body. Pressure on the reflexive points has a positive psychological effect.
Originally was reflexive therapy used as a preventive measure, which would warn you about specific problem, which has not yet manifested. Nowadays it is used especially as a supporting method in treatment of already manifesting and bothering problems, and it helps to locate and remove the original cause, which speeds up the healing process.


Reflexní masáž

Reflexive massage is ideal for wide spectrum of indications and all kinds of people. The positive changes which you can achieve with reflexive massage, can be split into two type. First type is that it has local effect such as increased temperature in the area where we massage. The second type are the distant changes which have been induced in areas that are connected with the massaged area through nerves. To this group we can also add positive changes in the blood supply, affecting the muscle tension and elimination of the pain.

This way we also support the natural excretion of waste from our body, but also supply of the positive and supportive substances back into our body.

The efficiency of reflexive massage has been proved in:

  • Function, degenerative and chronic rheumatic illness of the spine and joints - back pain (main reason is usually: problems with kidneys) and joint pain.
  • Main causes usually are: problems with kidneys, accumulation of waste substances in the body, obesity, wrong eating habits.
  • Disorders of blood supply and functional diseases of internal organs.
  • Infertility
  • Migraines and headaches (main causes are: blocked cervical spine, disorders of the function of gallbladder and livers).
  • Sleeping disorders
  • After injury condition
  • Allergies (main causes are: problems in the kidneys area, lungs and spleen).Digestive problems etc…
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Cannot be performed after organ transplantation.


Reflexive massage differs from other classical massages by affecting the nervous system. Individual organs and tissues are interlinked together with the nerve fibres. The participation of the perceptive centers leads to different reflexive perceptions. Differences in the internal organs may then induce changes on the surface of the body, in muscles or other internal organs and vice versa. These changes are transmitted by vegetative nervous system.
Reflexní masáž

The goal of the reflexive massage is to remove the negative reflexively formed changes in the tissues. Through mechanical action on the surface of the body we interfere with the reflexive system which induces negative manifestations.
Advantage of the reflexive therapy is the targeted effect on each organ individually, or on the parts of the organ with immediate effect. Reflexive massage has a big range of usage: it has a profitable effect on the blood vessels, skin and joints, in fact it can be said that it’s beneficial for our whole body. It has also positive effect on our mental health, because it strengthens the nerves and induces pleasant sensation of cleanliness and health. It can be also used during detoxification of the body and support for the lymphatic system.
The best and most natural reflexive therapy remains walking barefoot. Apart from preventive effect it also helps to solve acute and chronic problems. It can be also useful as additional treatment process or for speeding up the recovery.
Reflexní masáž


 During reflexive massage, communication between the client and physiotherapist is recommended. Every time and especially by reflexive massage it is optional to listen to your own body. Therefore if there’s any type of pain or unpleasant feeling, there is instant feedback. That way we can quickly find out the cause of problems, and start to work on removing it.

In the beginning of the massage, the body should be prepared through correctly performed reflexive relief of the feet and cervical spine. This way the therapist also tests the sensitivity of the client.

The massage itself is then performed without massage oils on a dry skin. The client is usually in a lying position on the stomach or in a sitting position, and thanks to special techniques and pressure we try to affect the reflexive points on the feet, back, ears or even tongue.

There are usually two different kinds of reactions to the reflexive therapy. One group of the clients feels charged with energy and the other group feels tired and exhausted. In this case we should note that even the negative reaction can be positive in a successful massage. Both reactions are a proof that our organism has been “awaken” from inactivity and stagnation to activity and regeneration.

Further reactions to reflexology can be: cold, insomnia, toothache, digestive problems, cloudy urine, skin rash, increased sweating, temporary worsened pain in the spine, gynecological discharge by females. You don’t have to worry because these manifestations do not have any severe impact, and usually quickly subside.

In the end we want to remind your that you cannot expect improved health condition immediately after going through one reflexive massage. It can be also useful as an addition to other treatment method, or for speeding up the recovery. It is worth to go several times through the massage according to your problem and condition. Of course even here applies, that the longer you are troubled by the problems, the longer the treatment will be. 

Everything has to be put in order gradually. Therefore give your body enough time on regeneration and see if it will pay off.


Author: FYZIOklinika fyzioterapie s.r.o., Prague