Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is medically defined as a partial or complete inability to hold erection in the penis in sufficient firmness and long enough for a quality intercourse. It appears in almost half of men after 50th year of life, and sometimes even earlier (25 - 40 years). More information about Erectile dysfunction in our article.


Physiologically has penis rich vascular blood supply. Smaller vessels supply the cavernous bodies during sexual stimulation, which contain most of the blood in the penis during erection.

During the course of life is human organism exposed to various effects which may be caused by atherosclerosis. In practice it means that the small blood vessels which is wide about 1-2. mm is gradually being stuffed with small particles of calcium, triglyceride and various types of fat. These components are being stored along the whole length of the vessel and cause it to be less transparent. The more the vessel is narrowed, the more it complicates the physiological flow of blood.

Restricted blood flow into the cavernous bodies leads to erectile dysfunction, i.e. inability to have sexual intercourse (inability to insert penis into vagina), the cavernous bodies are not supplied with oxygen, fibrosis of the cavernous bodies (pathological rebuilding of the elastic tissues).

The answer to the question, why the ability to achieve physiological erection worsens with ageing, lies in the problematics of blood flow through the vessels, or more precisely change of condition of the small vessels supplying the cavernous bodies. Structural changes represent up to 80% of causes of erectile dysfunctions.


Basically the same rules apply as for patients with risk of development of cardiac ischemia. If we look at the causes of artery thickening, it becomes clear that if we would like to improve their condition and preventively stop the problems, it becomes ideal to eliminate these effects. In case there is atheroma (layer of calcium and fat particles on the walls of the vessels) , it is a necessity to remove it or increase the number of healthy vessels by growth of new ones and increase the blood flow into the cavernous bodies that way.


  • Pharmacological treatment: pill is being aided during recommended period of time before sexual intercouse and the length of the effectivity is depending on each pill individually. Sexual stimulation is always needed for realization of sexual intercourse. Here are some medicaments treating erectile dysfunction: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Spedra.
  • Injective treatment: the treatment is about auto-application of the vasoactive substance into one of the cavernous bodies of the penis. In 5-15 minutes the injection evokes erection without the need of sexual stimulation. It needs a bit of skill for application. The amount of the dosage and sensitivity of the patient can cause skin redness, sweating, hot flashes, general weakness, increased heart rate, lowered blood pressure or dizziness.
  • Vacuum pumps: Method effective for every type of erectile dysfunction. It works on the principle of vacuum, which concentrates the blood into the cavernous bodies, which passively leads to erection. This method is not ideal for patients with coagulopathy, anemia, and users of drugs which affect the coagulation of blood.
  • Surgical treatment: According to the type of dysfunction there are different surgical solutions. By vascular problems surgeon increases the restriction of the vascular drainage system. If the problem is caused by insufficient blood supply of the cavernous bodies, for example after pelvic injury, the patient may undergo anastomosis (connection of blood vessels, which leads to increased blood flow. 


The treatment with shockwaves therapy is non-invasive, during which the tissue structure is natural recovered and regenerated. The shockwaves directly affect the blood vessels with restricted function and cause them to “open”. If the vascular structure in the area of cavernous bodies is restored, there should be enough blood flow sufficient for strong erection. From this point of view it is a revolution in treatment of erectile dysfunctions, especially because it treats the whole illness, and not just eliminating the symptoms.


  1. Not ideal for current oncological patients.
  2. It is important to exclude other than vascular causes (often related to psychogenic erectile dysfunction). Consultation with doctor is needed, as well as determining the options of treatment.
  3. After application edemas may appear along with skin redness or hematoma. These reactions are connected with increased blood supply of the skin on the penis and it usually fades away after 1-3 days after the application. 


  • It’s painless, non-invasive.
  • It has no side effects, and neither does it cause any systemic burden for other organs and healthy tissues.
  • Application doesn’t restrict you at your work, nor does it affect your health.
  • You don’t have to keep any special preventive measures after the application or before the sexual intercourse.
  • You don’t have to avoid physical activity or sexual activity.
  • Successful treatment secures a return to a normal sexual intercourse.
  • Effectivity also with Peyronie’s disease.


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Note: Availability of the treatment of erectile dysfunction is decided by a physician with specialization in urology/andrology/sexuology, who before incorporating the shock wave into the treatment process determines the correct diagnosis. Client has to provide the recommendation from the physician on the first consultation at FYZIOklinika in order to proceed with the treatment plan with which the client has been familiarised. Detailed backgrounds, or medical studies proving healing effects of the shock wave therapy can be reviewed at FYZIOklinika headquarters.